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The most sim­ple and easy to use Par­tial Close (by Riman­tas Petrauskas). The main idea of this EA is to apply par­tial close to your posi­tions. EA will auto­mat­i­cal­ly find your open mar­ket posi­tions and apply par­tial close accord­ing to your set­tings.

For those who do not know what Par­tial Close is: it is sim­ply an action to close only a part of your posi­tion. For exam­ple, if your trade lot size is 1.2 and you close 25% of it (which is 0.3) you will still have 0.9 lot size trade run­ning and exist­ing bank prof­its from that 0.3 lot size that was just closed. This action obvi­ous­ly can be per­formed man­u­al­ly, but if you want to pro­gram your MT4 to do this for you then you need “Par­tial Close EA”.

How to use Partial Close EA?

The EA should be attached to a sep­a­rate chart on your MT4 and it will apply par­tial close to all trades select­ed by mag­ic num­ber or trade num­ber. The EA will see trades of that cur­ren­cy pair (instru­ment) that it is attached to. By default the EA will apply par­tial close to any mar­ket order on the cur­ren­cy pair (instru­ment) it is attached to. The EA can also be applied to non-Forex pairs/instruments like Indices, Com­modi­ties, etc. For this you might need to use Cus­tom­Pip­Sizes option (read expla­na­tion below).

Partial Close EA Inputs

  • Man­ageMag­ic­Num­ber ” This tells the EA to apply par­tial close to trades only with cer­tain mag­ic num­ber you choose. If this val­ue is set to zero, the EA will man­age only man­u­al­ly opened trades. If you set this to ‑1 (neg­a­tive one), the EA will man­age all of the trades run­ning on the account (default val­ue).
  • Man­age­Trade­Num­ber ” This tells the EA to apply par­tial close only to the trade num­ber spec­i­fied. This will also make the EA ignore the Man­ageMag­ic­Num­ber option.
  • Par­tial­CloseC­ount ” This tells the EA to apply par­tial close X times. Set this to zero to dis­abled Par­tial Close option.
  • Par­tial­CloseOn­Hold­Pips ” This tells the EA to start par­tial close when trade reach­es X pips in prof­it. Zero means EA will start apply­ing par­tial close at the first tar­get (Par­tial­Clos­eS­tep­Pips). If this option is set to 50 pips and PartialCloseStepPips=20 pips, then EA would wait for the trade to reach prof­it of 50 + 20 = 70 pips to close the first part of the trade.
  • Par­tial­Clos­eS­tep­Pips ” This tells the EA to apply par­tial close each X pips in prof­it. If this option is set to 20 pips and PartialCloseCount=3, then EA will apply par­tial close 3 times every 20 pips. This means TP1 = 20 pips, TP2 = 40 pips and TP3 = 60 pips.
  • Par­tial­Clos­eS­tep­Per­cent ” This tells EA to close X% of the trade. Per­cent­age of the lot size is count­ed from the ini­tial lot size.
  • Par­tial­Close­BreakEve­nAfter ” This indi­cates after how many par­tial clos­es EA should move stop loss to a break-even point (open price + few pips to cov­er com­mis­sion expens­es). Zero val­ue means no break-even will be applied.
  • Cus­tom­Pip­Sizes ” I have added this option because there are no stan­dard pip sizes for indices and oth­er non-Forex pairs between bro­kers. This option allows you to over­ride the pip size that the EA will detect auto­mat­i­cal­ly. In 99% cas­es EA will work fine on all Forex pairs, but for non-Forex pairs you might notice that pip size is dif­fer­ent between bro­kers. For exam­ple NAS100 with one bro­ker might be quot­ed with 1 dec­i­mal and anoth­er bro­ker might quote it to 2 dec­i­mals. Here is an exam­ple how to enter in a com­ma sep­a­rat­ed list of cus­tom pip sizes:


    For those who are using EA on a non-Forex pairs please set the Cus­tom­Pip­Sizes option cor­rect­ly accord­ing to your bro­ker set­tings. Sor­ry, I am unable to help you set­ting this option, because each bro­ker might need dif­fer­ent val­ue.

  • Slip­page­ClosePips ” This is the slip­page set­ting EA will use to exit the mar­ket (close the trade). Note that not all bro­kers use this. If you do not know what that is, sim­ply leave it as is.

Partial Close EA 

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