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A grid of lim­it orders is placed from the first order. If only the first order of the grid is opened, scalp­ing and/or trail­ing stop is applied to it depend­ing on the EA’s set­tings. Lim­it orders are removed and a new grid is placed when the order is closed or moves to breakeven by stop loss.

I devel­oped this EA not as much to sell it as to use it for trad­ing and make good mon­ey. I deal with grid strate­gies long enough and now I have a defin­i­tive con­cept of a good grid EA which does not use any indi­ca­tors. The EA is meant for long-term trad­ing in one direc­tion, though it can also trade in two direc­tions. Trade in two direc­tions with cau­tion. The EA’s para­me­ters sus­tain intense trend cor­rec­tion, but as was said in the movie Mar­gin Call: if you can­not deter­mine when “the music quites down”, this EA can cause loss­es. In oth­er words you have to real­ize the trend poten­tial and pro­hib­it open­ing a new grid (Grid­Stop option) when you see the first signs of trend rever­sal.

The Main EA Features

  • Does not use indi­ca­tors;
  • Lim­it order grid obvi­ous­ly demon­strates how the whole grid is locat­ed on the chart;
  • Trail­ing stop and mov­ing the first lot into breakeven, in this con­text re-open­ing of the grid allows to gain even more prof­it;
  • Scalp­ing is also appro­pri­ate for gath­er­ing rebates from your bro­ker;
  • Works irre­spec­tive of the chart’s time­frame when scalp­ing is dis­abled (test­ed on any time­frame);
  • Grid step is set per pre­de­fined total width of the grid;
  • Grid step mul­ti­pli­er;
  • Option pro­hibit­ing open­ing of a new grid;
  • Auto­mat­ed mon­ey man­age­ment as per­cent­age of the bal­ance or equi­ty with pre­de­fined approx­i­mate max­i­mum devi­a­tion from the ini­tial price;
  • Objec­tive infor­ma­tion­al pan­el dis­plays the most required data con­cern­ing the EA trad­ing activ­i­ty and allows to fix max­i­mum draw­down, max­i­mum devi­a­tion from the price and approx­i­mate crit­i­cal price;
  • Addi­tion­al sta­tis­ti­cal data con­cern­ing the EA oper­a­tion appears in the jour­nal after deini­tial­iza­tion, switch­ing to anoth­er time­frame or at the end of test­ing. These data include max­i­mum draw­down in points and as per­cent­age of the bal­ance, prof­it and num­ber of trades for each trad­ing method (Mar­tin­gale, scalp­ing, trail­ing).


  • BUY ” Buy grid;
  • SELL ” Sell grid;
  • First­Lot ” Fixed size of the first lot if auto­mat­ed mon­ey man­age­ment is dis­abled;
  • Lot­Ex­po­nent ” Lot mul­ti­pli­er for the grid;
  • TakeGrid­Prof­it ” Grid take prof­it and breakeven lev­el if trail­ing stop is enabled;
  • trail­ing ” If true, trail­ing of the first order;
  • scalp­ing ” If true, scalp­ing of the first order;
  • bars ” A bar to close the first order in case of a pos­i­tive prof­it and to re-open a grid;
  • autolot ” If set to true, auto­mat­ed mon­ey man­age­ment is enabled;
  • equi­ty ” If set to true, auto­mat­ed cal­cu­la­tion using equi­ty, oth­er­wise using the bal­ance;
  • Need­Pips ” Num­ber of points by which the price moves into breakeven from the first order of the grid which the grid must sus­tain;
  • Risk ” Per­cent­age of used deposit (if autolot is set to true);
  • Step Between orders ” Grid step;
  • total Width ” If Step = 0, the grid step is cal­cu­lat­ed from pre­de­fined total width of the grid;
  • Step Mul­ti­pli­er ” Grid mul­ti­pli­er;
  • Max­i­mum Num­ber of orders grid ” Num­ber of grid orders;
  • Grid­Stop ” If set to true, open­ing of a new grid is pro­hib­it­ed. The EA will only main­tain opened orders;
  • INFO ” If set to true, the infor­ma­tion­al pan­el will be dis­played on the chart;
  • fon­Col ” Infor­ma­tion­al pan­el back­ground col­or;
  • txtCol ” Infor­ma­tion­al pan­el text col­or;
  • Mag­icS ” Mag­ic num­ber of the EA’s orders;
  • slip­page ” Allowed price slip­page.

Pur­chase the EA right away because its price and price of its rent will increase by one dol­lar after every pur­chase.


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