Utilitie Risk Reward Order Manager

Buy Risk Reward Order Manager trading application in the store of automated robot systems

Risk Reward Order Man­ag­er is an EA that will help you a lot in order to fol­low your mon­ey man­age­ment plan.

You only need to set the para­me­ters accord­ing with your mon­ey man­age­ment strat­e­gy, and drag resis­tance, sup­port and order lev­els. And push order but­ton!

EA will do fol­low­ing oper­a­tions tak­ing of course care of cur­rent spread

  • Cal­cu­late risk reward ratio
  • Check if that ratio is in accord with your set­tings
  • If the oper­a­tion is in a good risk reward ratio , EA will show you but­ton for place order ELSE he will hide to you so you have to fol­low your rules
  • He will know which kind of order to set (buy lim­it, buy stop, sell lim­it, sell stop)
  • Show you how much (in mon­ey) you are going to risk and gain with that oper­a­tion
  • Show you lot­size cal­cu­late for that oper­a­tion in order to fol­low your plan
  • Show you how far in pip SL and TP are
  • Draw a red rec­tan­gle from order lev­el to SL (pos­si­ble loss)
  • Draw a green rec­tan­gle from order lev­el to TP (pos­si­ble prof­it)
  • Draw a lime rec­tan­gle (option­al, 1 to 1 R/R pro­jec­tion)
Impor­tant! One to one oper­a­tion is a bit greater than that. I mean, to be prof­itable in long term i set default 1 to 1 oper­a­tion with reward/risk ratio 1,1 that is not an error!
More than this, EA will always show fol­low­ing infor­ma­tion:
  • Cur­rent spread
  • Min­i­mum lot­size for this pair
  • Pips val­ue in mon­ey for 1 lot oper­a­tion of this pair
  • Amount of mon­ey used by stop loss  in ALL open oper­a­tion by this mag­ic num­ber (in mon­ey and in % of free mar­gin)

How Does it work?

Once you set and drag in your strate­gi­cal lev­el the five hor­i­zon­tal lines drawn by EA on ini­tial­iza­tion (Strong resis­tance, medi­um resis­tance (dashed) , strong sup­port , medi­um sup­port (dashed) and yel­low  dashed order lev­el line).

EA will cal­cu­late pos­si­ble oper­a­tion you ll can place. He will fig­ure strong resis­tance line and strong sup­port line as tar­get , so, in accord­ing with your lev­el order posi­tion will show you only oper­a­tions you ll can open to fol­low your mon­ey man­age­ment rules (is a bit dif­fi­cult to explain for that I invite you to see screen shot and video attached).

EA will show you the but­ton to place stan­dard oper­a­tion (if those stick to mon­ey man­age­ment) and will show you on chart through green (for prof­it) and red (for loss­es) rec­tan­gle

  • Place buy lim­it ( if order lev­el is below price and will set strong resis­tance as TP and Strong sup­port as SL)
  • Place buy stop ( if order lev­el is above price and will set strong resis­tance as TP and Strong sup­port as SL)
  • Place sell lim­it ( if order lev­el is above price, and will set strong resis­tance as SL and Strong sup­port as TP)
  • Place buy lim­it ( if order lev­el is below price and will set strong resis­tance as SL and Strong sup­port as TP)

All those but­ton will set a sin­gle order with full amount of lot­size cal­cu­late accord­ing with your set­tings.

If medi­um sup­port or resis­tance are below or above of 1 to 1 risk reward pro­jec­tion EA will give you a choice to:

  • place a full (mean with lot­size cal­cu­lat­ed by ea) stan­dard oper­a­tion 
  • place a full (mean with lot­size cal­cu­lat­ed by ea) 1 to 1 risk reward oper­a­tion
  • place both oper­a­tions with one click but with split­ted amount of lot­size to fol­low bet­ter the rules

You ll find input vari­ables in screen­shot and video!

This ea will work with pret­ty all val­ue pairs plus  xau­usd, xagusd , it will not work with a lot of oth­er cfd like uk100, ger30 and so on!

Risk Reward Order Manager 

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