Utilitie RobotController

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This is a ready-made pro­fes­sion­al posi­tion track­ing sys­tem. It works on all cur­ren­cy pairs and time­frames. The prod­uct process­es the errors cor­rect­ly and works on the mar­ket effi­cient­ly. The trad­ing robot applies basic con­cepts — breakeven and trail­ing. The trail­ing is based not on indi­ca­tors but on the last bar of the spec­i­fied time inter­val (Trail­ing­Step Peri­od) or points (Trail­ing Stop=0).


  • Devi­a­tion “ requotes.
  • Sleeps “ wait­ing for posi­tion mod­i­fi­ca­tion.
  • Trail­ing Peri­od “ the peri­od trail­ing works at.
  • Trail­ing Breakeven “ breakeven lev­el (0 — dis­abled).
  • Trail­ing Start “ trail­ing start lev­el (0 — dis­abled).
  • Trail­ing Stop “ trail­ing lev­el (0 — trail­ing in points is dis­abled, trail­ing by peri­od is acti­vat­ed).
  • Trail­ing­Step Peri­od “ trail­ing by peri­od.


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