Utilitie Slider profy

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The idea of ‹‹enhanc­ing the free Slid­er util­i­ty appeared after the release of a lite ver­sion of the EA trade pan­el Trad­ing Chaos Expert Lite, which oper­ates in the Cur­rent Chart mode with­out the pos­si­bil­i­ty to main­tain trades of sev­er­al sym­bols in a sin­gle win­dow.

The purpose of Slider profy

  • Ease search for trad­ing sig­nals by auto­mat­ic dis­play of charts of cur­ren­cy pairs from the “Mar­ket Watch” one by one at a spec­i­fied inter­val of time in sec­onds.
  • Automa­tion of one-click plac­ing of pend­ing orders using the script or Expert Advi­sor.

How to Use

  • Open a win­dow with the chart of the required time­frame.
  • Attach required indi­ca­tors, a script or an Expert Advi­sor and cre­ate a tem­plate.
  • Attach Slid­er pro­fy to the tem­plate, set­ting up the required chart dis­play dura­tion and the Stop\Start but­ton loca­tion cor­ner.
  • When you click Start, Slid­er pro­fy starts show­ing chart one by one in one win­dow, start­ing from the first cur­ren­cy pair in the Mar­ket Watch win­dow.
  • When a trade alert is detect­ed, the Stop but­ton is pressed. The Expert Advi­sor (script) is acti­vat­ed to enter into a posi­tion or place a pend­ing order.
  • Chart is select­ed using the left mouse but­ton, Slid­er pro­fy opens a new win­dow with the tem­plate of the cur­ren­cy pair locat­ed next on the list in Mar­ket Watch. Press Start to view charts.
  • After charts are viewed and mar­ket entries are auto­mat­ed, press the Win­dow but­ton in the МТ5 inter­face and select charts “Ver­ti­cal” or “Hor­i­zon­tal”. Thus the trad­er gets easy access to the charts with the run­ning EA.

The util­i­ty works with any indi­ca­tors and Expert Advi­sors on any time­frame.

Slider profy 

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