Utilitie Smart Ruler Free

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This is a free ver­sion of Smart Ruler that works on EURJPY only.

This is a con­ve­nient tool for mea­sur­ing the num­ber of points between prices. It sup­port mag­ne­tiz­ing to OHLC prices. Cal­cu­lates prof­it con­sid­er­ing spec­i­fied lot size and spread (option­al­ly). It counts the num­ber of bars between spec­i­fied point and the time dif­fer­ence between them. Cal­cu­lates the slope angle from the hor­i­zon­tal posi­tion. Unneed­ed para­me­ters can be hid­den. It does not occu­py much space when inactive.

Once you add the indi­ca­tor on the chart, Ruler cap­tion will appear (accord­ing to spec­i­fied X dis­tance, Y dis­tance). In order to acti­vate the mea­sure mode, click it with the mouse. A table with para­me­ters will appear. In order to mea­sure, set coor­di­nates for two points on the chart using the mouse. As soon as you fin­ish mea­sur­ing, click on Ruler again in order to deac­ti­vate the mea­sure mode.

Input Parameters

  • X dis­tance — X coor­di­nate for “Ruler” caption.
  • Y dis­tance — Y coor­di­nate for “Ruler” caption.
  • Mag­net area — mag­net sen­si­tiv­i­ty in points.
  • Dis­play points — dis­play dis­tance (absolute val­ue) between prices in points (see Note 1).
  • Dis­play prof­it — dis­play cal­cu­lat­ed prof­it val­ue in base currency.
  • Con­sid­er the spread — con­sid­er cur­rent spread val­ue when cal­cu­lat­ing the profit.
  • Lot size — lot size to cal­cu­late the profit.
  • Dis­play bars count — dis­play the num­ber of bars between spec­i­fied points con­sid­er­ing out­side left and right bars (if the start and end match, val­ue 1 is displayed).
  • Dis­play time diff — dis­play time dif­fer­ence between the spec­i­fied points.
  • Dis­play angle — dis­play the absolute val­ue of the hor­i­zon­tal devi­a­tion of the line drawn (see. Note 2), dis­abled on default.
  • Angle coeff — coef­fi­cient for the time scale used for cal­cu­la­tion of the slope angle.
  • Text col­or (active) — text col­or (mea­sure mode active).
  • Text col­or (inac­tive) — text col­or (mea­sure mode inactive).
  • Line col­or — line color.
  • Dis­play pro­jec­tions — dis­play projections.

Note 1: the dis­tance between two prices in point is forced to be dis­played in case no para­me­ters are selected.

Note 2: the hor­i­zon­tal devi­a­tion is more a sym­bol­ic val­ue. It is cal­cu­lat­ed as a = arctan(dpp/(k*len)), where dpp is the dis­tance in points, len is the num­ber of bars (includ­ing out­side bars), k is the coef­fi­cient of the time scale (para­me­ter Angle coeff). The coef­fi­cient is cho­sen for every price and time scale individually.


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