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It can dis­play spreads in fig­ure at the indi­ca­tor win­dow, the min­i­mum spread and the max­i­mum spread at each cycle, and dis­play the his­togram. It can write spread changes to the CSV file. This tool can be used to com­pare dif­fer­ent deal­ers spreads, or mon­i­tor spread changes. News traders can come to know spread changes before or after news release. Traders who hope to know the cost of trades can gath­er sta­tis­tics of deal­ers spreads changes.

At the bot­tom of the indi­ca­tor win­dow, it shows the run­ning time, max­i­mum and min­i­mum spreads; each cycle will form a his­togram. The red line is the max­i­mum spread, the green line is the min­i­mum spread. In the MT4 instal­la­tion direc­to­ry in \MQL4\Files\, it locates the CSV file, which is gen­er­at­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly. The name of the file dis­plays spe­cif­ic cur­ren­cy pairs, trad­ing plat­form, live or demo accounts, such as Spread_EURUSD_FXOpen Invest­ments Inc._Demo_2015.03.16.csv, there will be the time and the spe­cif­ic spread in CSV file. Anoth­er file named Spread_EURUSD_FXOpen Invest­ments Inc._Demo_brief.csv shows only cor­re­spond­ing max­i­mum and min­i­mum spreads in a spe­cif­ic time peri­od.

Para­me­ters in the indi­ca­tor set­tings: Server­Time­ToLo­cal: if the serv­er time is 14 and the local time is 13, then fill in ‑1. It shows the local time in the CSV file. The default val­ue is 0, it shows the serv­er time in the CSV file. Hour­Fil­ter: if True, Local­Time­Be­gin and Time­Last­Minute para­me­ters will be avail­able. You can set to record spread to CSV file in the spe­cif­ic peri­od; if False, these two para­me­ter are ignored. They are ignored by default, the CSV file is writ­ten all the time. Local­Time­Be­gin: from when to start record­ing to CSV file in local time, if Server­Time­ToLo­cal is 0, then write in serv­er time. Time­Last­Minute: how many min­utes to record. RecorderDe­tail: if True, it gen­er­ates spread changes to the CSV file, if False, changes are not record­ed. The default is True. Recorder­Brief: if True, it gen­er­ates brief spread changes into CSV file, if False, changes are not record­ed. The default is True.

If para­me­ters are not changed, it will gen­er­ate the CSV file as soon as you attache this indi­ca­tor. The CSV file will have serv­er time. If you want to record only at def­i­nite time peri­od, or the CSV file to dis­play local time, or not to gen­er­ate the CSV file, you need to mod­i­fy the para­me­ters.


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