Utilitie SundayCandle

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This is a very sim­ple indi­ca­tor that mix­es the Sun­day ses­sion with the Mon­day one. This is use­ful because the Sun­day ses­sion is a par­tial ses­sion most­ly with only Aus­tralian and Asian ses­sions includ­ed, so the analy­sis of the Mon­day’s dai­ly ses­sion if mixed with Sun­day tends to be more comprehensive.

This indi­ca­tor plots a can­dle with the fol­low­ing values:

  • Open — the Fri­day’s Close or Sun­day’s Open (depend­ing on your choice).
  • High — the high­est High of Sun­day and Monday.
  • Low — the low­est Low of the Sun­day and Monday.
  • Close — the Mon­day’s Close.

It only works when the chart is ini­tial­ized (indi­ca­tor is loaded or time­frame is changed) or dur­ing the first min­utes of Tues­day (when Mon­day’s can­dle is already formed) to reduce the CPU usage. If you remove the indi­ca­tor from the chart, all Sun­day can­dles drawn will be deleted.

For ref­er­ence: the shad­ows are plot­ted on Sun­days, for sym­met­ric pur­pos­es the body will start on Fri­day and will end on Mon­day, but the cal­cu­la­tion is as described before.


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