Utilitie Trade Receiver Pro MT5

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Trade Receiv­er Pro is designed to receive copy trade/signal from oth­er traders at dif­fer­ent loca­tions over inter­net, who use Trade Copi­er Pro to send. This is an eco­nom­ic solu­tion with low­er price for sub­scribers, who want to receive only.

This tool has all receiv­ing fea­tures of Trade Copi­er Pro. Receiv­er can man­age provider list with pow­ered build-in data­base man­ag­ing sys­tem.


Trade Receiver Pro MT5

Followings are highlight features:

  • Allow to receive trade/signal from mul­ti­ple providers.
  • Man­age provider list via pow­ered data­base man­ag­ing sys­tem with­out addi­tion­al tool (add, remove, edit, enable/disable).
  • Mon­i­tor provider’s sta­tus (online/offline, add/remove your account).
  • Switch­able between Glob­al mode (copy over inter­net) and Local mode (copy with­in the same PC/Server).
  • Switch­able between Trade pro­to­col (copy trades) and Sig­nal pro­to­col (send/receive sig­nal alert only), but provider’s choice is pri­or­i­ty.
  • Pro­tect receiv­er from slip­page, out­dat­ed orders and over lot­size.
  • Allow trade man­u­al­ly or use oth­er EAs with­out any con­flict.
  • Auto rec­og­nize and syn­chro­nize sym­bol prefix/suffix between bro­kers.
  • Allows up to 5 spe­cial sym­bols set­up (i.e.: GOLD –> XAUUSD, etc.,) to syn­chro­nize with provider.
  • Mul­ti­ple lot size set­ting options.
  • Allows to fil­ter which type of orders will be copied.
  • Allows invert­ed copy­ing.
  • Auto send mobile noti­fi­ca­tion and email when account has new activ­i­ties.
  • Restore pre­vi­ous set­tings and sta­tus after ter­mi­nal turn-off or pow­er shut­down.
  • Real-time con­trol pan­el.
  • Easy usage and friend­ly inter­face.


  • Install Trade Receiv­er Pro to any chart (but no more than one).
  • At the first time, it may require you to add “http://www.autofxpro.com” URL to MT5’s trust­ed URL list in order to let the tool access the inter­net con­nec­tion.
  • Go to “Provider List” and add provider’s account num­ber that you want to copy trade from. Please make sure that your provider has been con­nect­ed and added your account num­ber to his/her list already.
  • Go back to main con­trol pan­el and turn sta­tus to Enable.

Trade Receiver Pro MT5

Settings and Parameters:

  • Spe­cial sym­bols set­ting (Menu): Con­fig up to 5 spe­cial pair sym­bols syn­chro­niza­tion. Cur­ren­cy sym­bols will be auto rec­og­nized, but some spe­cial sym­bol pairs are dif­fer­ent between bro­kers and may need to be set­up man­u­al­ly, such as: GOLD –> XAUUSD, SILVER –> XAGUSD, etc.,..
  • Font­size set­ting (Menu): Change the font size of inter­face if it’s too small or too large for your screen res­o­lu­tion.
  • Reset to default set­tings (Menu): Reset all the set­tings back to man­u­fac­ture set­tings.
  • Provider list: Man­age providers that you want to receive trade/signal from. You can add, remove, edit and enable/disable provider accounts by your own pur­pose. You will only receive trade/signal from accounts that have been added and enabled in the list.
  • Global/Local mode: Choose between Glob­al mode and Local mode. Glob­al mode allows to copy between accounts at dif­fer­ent loca­tions over inter­net. Local mode only allows to copy between accounts on the same PC/Server. In the Local mode, trades are copied near­ly instant (<0.1 sec­ond). In the Glob­al mode, due to inter­net con­nec­tion speed, it may be a bit slow­er (max. 3 sec­onds).
  • Trans­mis­sion data: Choose how data will be received. It can be either “Trade” (receiver’s account trades fol­low the provider’s) or “Sig­nal” (receiver’s account only receives sig­nal alert). But provider’s choice is pri­or­i­ty: If provider choos­es “Trade”, then receiv­er can receive trade or sig­nal due to his choice; If provider choos­es “Sig­nal”, then receiv­er can only receive sig­nal despite of his choice.
  • Max. slip­page (for receiv­er only): Max­i­mum accept­ed slip­page to copy trades. Price might be dif­fer­ent between bro­kers, so if the cur­rent price of the receiver’s account exceed max. slip­page dis­tance com­pared to entry price of provider’s account, the trade will not be copied. This is use­ful to pre­vent unwant­ed slip­page of copied trades, espe­cial­ly dur­ing high volatil­i­ty (news releas­es).
  • Open trade time­out (for receiv­er only): Max­i­mum wait­ing time that trades can be still copied from provider to receiv­er. If this trade time­out is exceed­ed from provider’s trade open time, trade will not be copied, this only works with Instant/Market orders. This is use­ful to pre­vent copy­ing out­dat­ed trades if receiver’s account/terminal is shut­down for a while. For exam­ple: Trade time­out is 60 sec­onds means if receiver’s is dis­con­nect­ed while provider open a Buy/Sell order, then receiver’s ter­mi­nal con­nect again with­in 60s and order will be copied, but if it’s lat­er than 60s the order will be ignored.
  • Set lot­size by: Choose how the trade vol­ume on receiver’s account will be set. There are 4 options:
    • Scaled by provider’s bal­ance: Receiver’s lot­size will be scaled with Provider’s base on their bal­ance. This is rec­om­mend­ed option because it makes receiver’s account has the same growth rate as provider’s. Exam­ple: Provider trades 0.5 lot with 1000$ –> Receiv­er with 2000$ will trade 1.0 lot.
    • Mul­ti­ply by provider’s lot­size: Receiver’s lot­size will be mul­ti­ply by a fac­tor with Provider’s lot­size. Only use this option if you know the lot­size set­ting man­ner of the provider, oth­er­wise you may suf­fer whip­saw by over lot­size.
    • Fixed lot­size: Every trade on receiver’s account will be set with a fixed lot­size regard­less of provider’s lot­size or receiver’s bal­ance.
    • Cus­tom risk per­cent­age: Enter a spec­i­fy risk per­cent­age for each trade if sto­ploss occur. Exam­ple: A trade with 20pip sto­ploss is copied, receiver’s lot­size will be set so that if sto­ploss occur receiv­er will lose 5% of bal­ance. This regime is only applied for trades with pre­de­fined sto­ploss; with no-sto­ploss trades, “Provider’s lot­size scale” regime will be applied.
  • Max. lot­size: Max­i­mum allowed lot­size to open trade. This will pre­vent your account from open unan­tic­i­pat­ed over lot­size that may lead to unwant­ed draw­down.
  • Copy fil­ter: Select which types of orders will be copied. Fil­ter is for both provider and receiv­er, but provider’s choice is pri­or­i­ty. There are mul­ti-options:
    • All orders: All orders will be sent/received.
    • Buy orders: Buy orders will be sent/received.
    • Sell orders: Sell orders will be sent/received.
    • Pend­ing orders: Pend­ing orders will be sent/received.
    • Cus­tom pair: Only trade of cus­tom pair will be sent/received (com­bine with order types above).
    • Invert­ed copy: All fil­tered trades will be invert­ed when come to/from receiver/provider: Buy<–>Sell, BuyLimit<–>SellStop, BuyStop<–>SellLimit, Stoploss<–>Takeprofit.

Trade Receiver Pro MT5 

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